Creating an outdoor winter wonderland may seem easy until you get everything out and wonder how you can possibly make it look warm and inviting. After all, green grass and non-Christmassy items can turn your outdoor display into a disaster!

Thankfully, we have a few excellent ideas for turning any outdoor attraction into a fabulous outdoor snowy Christmas!

First, you must start with some fake snow! While the real stuff is ideal, we know that you must work with what you have. It will not be possible to throw the fake snow all over your yard, but you can use it strategically around the items that you are putting into place.

Next, the lights must really sparkle and create a magical wonderland when they are lit every night. String lights are great, but if you really want to increase the festive feel, then Christmas light balls are the ones that you must use.

A Christmas tree outside is a must and we urge you to break from tradition and choose white, champagne, and silver when you are decorating it this year. Choosing these color options for your outdoor tree will have your yard looking amazing before you are even finished!

If you are still struggling to picture it all, then you can easily follow these easy tips:

1. Create a Plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your yard will not look amazing and Christmassy in less than an hour either! Start creating a plan that you can build on over time.


2. Start Small

We know that once you get something in your mind, you want to go full-out. However, your goal should be to start small and then build on what you have.


3. Add Color

Lots of color will brighten up your outdoor snowy Christmas scene and it will make those snowy aspects stand out even more.


4. Begin by Using What You Have

Start by using items that you have hanging around your home. That old sled that the kids haven’t used in years? Prop a Santa or Snowman on it and surround it with lights. Don’t have a massive Christmas pine in your front yard and don’t have the cash to buy one? Use that old Christmas tree that you couldn’t bear to part with when you bought the new one for inside your home.


5. Add Interacting Elements

There is nothing more outdoorsy and winter-like than birds and squirrels showing up to feast on suet balls, whole apples, and cranberry garlands. Who knows, you may even find yourself with some real live reindeer at some point!


It is easier than you think to create a snowy outdoor Christmas scene and it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg either. Start with what you have and then slowly build your collection over time.

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