The holiday season is a busy time, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do fun things like throwing amazing Christmas parties! In fact, a Christmas party or two is easier to handle than you think, especially if you plan ahead and use a few helpful tips.

7 Tips to Planning an Amazing Christmas Party

1. Set the Date

One of the first things you need to know is when you want to have your amazing Christmas party! Since this is a busy time of the year, it is important to determine this date early and then give everyone plenty of advance notice to add your party to their calendar.


2. Determine Your Budget 

While it would be nice to just head to the store and grab what you want for your party, that isn’t how many of us can do things. Especially during the expensive holiday season! We recommend that you decide how much money you have to spend on your party and then see what you can do for a menu and décor from there. Don’t worry, you can still throw amazing parties on a super small budget!


3. Create Your Theme

Now that you know how much money you have; you can easily determine what theme you want to use. You may need to use items that you already have in your home or you might find that you have a little wiggle room within your budget to purchase a few new things.


4. Create Your Menu

Once you have your theme, it is time to decide on what you are serving. This is the time to decide whether you are doing all finger foods or if you want to have a full sit-down meal with multiple courses. Either option can have you serving dessert at the end, so don’t worry, your delectable cookies or cake can still make the cut!


5. Prepare Food in Advance

Not all your food will need to be prepared the day of the party, so start a day or two beforehand with some of the prep work. Even if you are just cutting up fruits and vegetables the day before, this is less work that you will need to do the day of the party.


6. Get Things Set Up the Day Before

The day before your amazing Christmas party is also the time to get things set up. Bring in those extra tables and chairs from the garage, or from down in the basement, and dig out all those serving dishes that you only use for special occasions. Set up your buffet and clear your kitchen of any clutter.


7. Start Early and Relax

You may think that it will only take you an hour or two to finalize everything for the party, but it always takes much longer than you think it will! Plus, something will always go wrong and you will find yourself way behind. Therefore, we recommend starting early in the morning and taking short breaks whenever you can. This will ensure that you stay calm and relaxed until your guests arrive.


These seven tips will have you pulling off the most amazing Christmas party ever! If you have never considered a holiday party before, or you have and they have been horrendous experiences, give it a try this year and use these tips. We know that you will fall in love with entertaining during this magical time of the year!