What comes to mind when you think fondly of Christmas traditions? Decorating a beautiful Christmas tree? Attending Christmas Eve services in a candlelit church? Baking delicious Christmas cookies? Getting to see family and friends that you haven’t seen in ages? Exchanging enchantingly wrapped gifts? Heading outside to build snowmen and go sledding? There are so many wonderful Christmas traditions and every family has their own unique take on Christmas. There is one Christmas tradition that people seem to either love or hate- the cheap, ugly Christmas sweater.

We’ve all worn them at one time or another. They can be garish and loud with bright colors and busy patterns. They can be kitschy with big-eyed reindeer, grinning elves, and kittens in Santa hats. The fashionistas among us would rather wear a canvas tarp than put on a funny, ugly Christmas sweater. Despite all that there is actually a lot to love about the tradition of the ugly Christmas sweater.

Let’s start with a sense of humor and fun. People enjoy ugly Christmas sweaters because they are funny. Nobody looks dignified wearing them but that is the point. They are ridiculous and that is something of an equalizer. When you have a group of people who get together for a holiday gathering and everyone is in an ugly Christmas sweater it becomes okay to wear them either ironically or in fun. It is also impossible to be overly serious when wearing a sweater with Santa riding a dinosaur on it! When you are trying to have a fun holiday party that sense of fun can be infectious and lead to more fun.

Another aspect of the ugly Christmas sweater tradition is a sense of competition. When people have an ugly sweater party or a day at the office when people are encouraged to wear them it is often a competition. Sometimes there are even prizes given for the ugliest sweater. Everyone wants to see who can come up with the best, most outrageous ugly Christmas sweater ideas. There are definitely points for creativity and a sense of humor in these contests. With categories like the funniest ugly Christmas sweater, the ugliest Santa sweater, or the most colorful ugly sweater everyone can be a winner.

Looking for a Christmas gift for mom? Maybe a Christmas gift for dad? There are any number of great ugly Christmas sweaters for women and ugly Christmas sweaters for men. They make a fun and easy gift idea for the holidays. You can try to match the ugly Christmas sweater to the person you are giving it to. Are they a dog lover? A sweater that features a dog in a Santa hat and sunglass might be the ticket. Do they love decorating for the holidays? Look for one with bright Christmas lights. Or maybe instead of personalizing it what you want is matching ugly Christmas sweaters for the family. That always makes a great holiday photo. When you embrace the tradition of the ugly Christmas sweater it will make your holidays brighter and a bit more fun!