Christmas parties are a lot of work, but what may surprise you is that most of that work comes after your last guest leaves! Yes, we know that it takes time to prepare the food, get everything set up and decorated, send out the invites, and keep track of who’s coming. However, that massive mess of garbage, dishes, and leftover food could be just enough to have you saying that you are never having a holiday party ever again!

Here are 4 tips to efficiently clean your home after your big Christmas party:


1. Tackle One Room at a Time

It is always best to tackle one room at a time when you are cleaning up after a big Christmas party, because it will seem like you are accomplishing more. We love starting in the kitchen, because you know that you will eventually need to eat again! After that, tackle the main room that everyone was in and the bathroom that most people used.


2. Take Out the Garbage 

As you are going through each room, gather all the garbage together and take it out immediately. By doing this, you will easily have more room to move around and it is one less thing that will get moved from one place to another, as you try to keep it out of your way.


3. Sweep and Vacuum the Floors

Once all the main areas are cleared out, you will find that you still have a mess on the floor. It shouldn’t take you long to sweep and vacuum these areas and before you know it, your home will be looking like new!


4. Find a Home for All Those Host Gifts

If you have guests that use proper etiquette, you are going to find that you have a ton of gifts that you now need to find a home for. Place those flowers on the kitchen table or on the coffee table in the living room, put the wine in the rack (unless you plan on popping open a bottle while you are cleaning), and tuck those other items away where you know you won’t forget about them.


5. Get help!

And we don’t mean hiring a professional cleaner… But if you have kids or friends around there’s nothing wrong with asking them for help. If you know how to break big tasks to small ones this can speed up the whole cleaning process and you all might just find it fun 🙂 When it comes to good friends help is very easy to get but what about kids? Well the secret is not waiting till their older to ask them for help but it should just be something that they do and that way it won’t even be considered as a choir by them.


These four tips will have your house looking better than ever, just hours after a big Christmas party! In fact, you may find that you can easily clean your home in less than an hour, which means that you might want to have a few additional parties next year! In which case, don’t forget to pass by  our cute collection of Christmas home decor.