Christmas occurs at the same time every year, but for some reason, it usually sneaks up on people every single year! While we would like to think that we are just super ready for Christmas each year, the truth is that we follow a handy weekly checklist to ensure that we do not leave anything out!

The Best Weekly Checklist to Survive Christmas this Year

8 Weeks Prior

This is the time to start putting all those activities on the calendar. If you know when the holiday parade and those school holiday parties will be taking place, get them written down now. This is also the time to starting baking cookie bars and breads to place in the freezer and update your Christmas card list.

6 Weeks Prior

If you haven’t even started to think about your holiday shopping yet, this is the time to get that master list of people you are buying for written down. This is an excellent time to create your budget, just make sure it includes all the food that you will need for entertaining.

4 Weeks Prior

Start your Christmas shopping now, if you haven’t already taken advantage of some of the early deals that have been coming out in recent years. We recommend wrapping those gifts as they arrive, so you do not need to face a massive stack of gifts later on. This is also the perfect time to pick up a few new decorations or dishes in case you need more this holiday season.

When you are not shopping and wrapping, you must sit down and fill out your Christmas cards, so you can get them in the mail.

3 Weeks Prior

Now that your cards are all filled out and ready to go, you can pop them in the mail and be happy that they are completed for another year! This is an excellent time to go and purchase your tree and decorate your home too. This ensures that everything is done before the real craziness of the holidays arrive!

This is also a wonderful time to finalize the menus for all those get togethers you are having and attending, as well as your main Christmas meal. Once you know what you are eating, you can shop the sales and keep your budget in line.

2 Weeks Prior

This is the week to play catch up with your wrapping and make sure that you take the time to mail packages to out of area friends and family. You should also finish as much of your baking as possible, but make sure you concentrate on items that can be frozen until you are ready for them.

1 Week Prior

The big day is quickly approaching, so this is the time to do some deep cleaning of your home and purchase those last-minute gifts you forgot about!

2 Days Prior

You can now purchase all those perishable foods that you will need for Christmas Day and start preparing some of the food, including those baked goods that couldn’t go in the freezer.

The Big Day

It is finally Christmas and you should be spending some time relaxing since you were so well-prepared this year! Today should be spent with family and friends, while you simply pop things into the oven to cook. Let someone else take care of the dishes, because you deserve it, even though this year was your easiest year ever!