Christmas is a joyful time, but at the end of it all, you can be looking at a mess that is waiting for you to clean! We don’t want you to avoid all the celebrations and gift giving, simply because you do not want to clean it all up! However, we do want to make the process as easy for you as possible.

5 Tips for Surviving the Gift-Giving and Celebration Clean Up

1. Gather Up All the Garbage

While you may try to collect garbage as you go through the Christmas season, some of it just continuously falls through the cracks. Take the time now to completely go through your home and pick up everything that you know needs to be tossed. This could include small pieces of wrapping paper shoved underneath couches and chairs, an empty paper cup or two, and even those shiny bows.


2. Gather All Those Christmas Cards

Those Christmas cards were nice to receive and look at all season long, but once the holidays are over, they must be corralled into a pile and taken care of. First, you should make sure to update your Christmas card list, so you do not forget anyone next year. Then you can pop all those cards directly into the recycle bin, so they are turned into something useful instead of taking up room in a landfill somewhere.


3. Return Those Gifts You Can’t Possibly Love

We all receive at least one gift that we don’t really like or that doesn’t fit us or our personality. Instead of stashing those items into a closet, you should return those gifts as soon as possible. If you do not like the thought of returning anything, you can always donate it to someone who will love it more than you do.


4. Clean Your Furniture

Spills happen and it is better to tackle those stains sooner than later. We recommend inspecting every piece of furniture for stains and removing them all at once. There are different ways to remove stains and some work better than others. You may need to try a couple different tricks before you find the solution that will work best for the stains that you have.


5. Clean One Room at a Time

Now that you have removed all the garbage and unwanted gifts, plus removed the stains from your furniture, you can clean one room at a time. We recommend starting in the rooms that were used the most and choosing the room that you use the most from that list. This will ensure that you will have a nice clean space to relax in and that you won’t be bouncing from room to room as you clean.


These five tips will ensure a quick clean up after the Christmas season, which means that you can get back into your regular routines sooner than later. We know that you will love how quickly your house goes back to normal and maybe you won’t dread the clean up as much when Christmas rolls around next year!

In the end it is very important to remember that cleaning comes after a very good party and if you’re planning one you should check out our site for wonderful tips and products!