Spend Those Hot Summer Days Dreaming of Cooler Temperatures and Preparing for Christmas.

Yes, I know that it is currently quite hot outside, but did you know that there is now less than six months until Christmas??! It is true, and while you may not be completely ready for that well-known fact, this is the perfect time of the year to start your preparations!

There are two things that you will love about this process:

One, you will be able to spend a good portion of your prep time inside your home, while the air conditioning is on. And two, you will have so many things completed in advance that your holidays will feel carefree and amazing!

Here are 5 things that you can do to prepare for Christmas this summer:


  1. Update Your Electrical

If you have been dreaming of a Griswold family Christmas, at least when it comes to the lights on the outside of your home, then now is the time to get your electrical updated. It is always best to hire an electrician for this type of job, so you do not get electrocuted. A professional can come in and re-wire a few places and even upgrade your electrical box, so you have more available electricity when Christmas arrives. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to untangle all those balls of Christmas lights, but you can do that while they are working on everything else!


  1. Create a Christmas Storage Area

Are you tired of searching for all your Christmas decorations every year, because you cannot put them all in one location? If you answered yes, then spend part of your summer creating the perfect storage area for all your holiday items. You never know where the best spot is until you look around, and it may be in the least obvious location, like underneath the stairs, but it exists somewhere in your home.


  1. Take Inventory of What You Have and What You Need

As you are upgrading your electrical and planning a new storage area, you will have the perfect excuse to take inventory of what you have and what you will need to purchase before Christmas arrives! Start making lists now on your phone, so you have them when you head out to the stores. Christmas items are already popping up in the arts and crafts stores, like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, so you can even get some of your shopping out of the way well in advance! Of course, you can also find many items online at any time of the year and avoid the stores altogether!


  1. Check the Exterior of Your Home

Everyone loves putting lights up on the outside of their home, but you will not be able to do it if the exterior of your home is not in the best of shape. The summer is the perfect time to check your gutters, the roof, and even the siding, to make sure that nothing will fall off once you clip lights onto them. If any of these items are in really bad shape, then replacing them may be the best option. Of course, make sure that you tell the professionals about your Christmas decoration plans, so that they can get everything the way that you need it during the installation process.


  1. Declutter

Our homes can collect so many things from one holiday to the next and the summer is the best time to clear it all out! If you are wondering why the summer months, my answer to you is that this is the time of the year that everyone ventures out to see what they can find at yard sales! Imagine clearing out all the extras from your home and earning some cold hard cash at the same time! It’s a win-win, because it will give you a head start on having some money on hand for those Christmas gifts you will need sooner than later. Plus, you will have ample space to decorate once the leftover turkey has been gobbled up!


Spend a couple of your summer days doing the above five things and you will be amazed at how much easier your Christmas preparation will be later on when the holiday season arrives!