Bonfires are a lot of fun, especially around Christmas when you are gathering with family and friends. While the bonfire can keep you warm, as you are eating, drinking, and having fun, you can also use it to roast some of those chestnuts that you have been dying to try all these years!

There are a few things that you must know before lighting your very first bonfire though and they include:


1. Check the Wind

The wind is not always as bad during the winter months, unless there is a storm taking place, so you should be fairly safe to start a bonfire at almost any time. If it is really windy though, you should postpone your bonfire to another day.


2. Use Caution with What You Burn

 You are going to be so tempted to throw in all that wrapping paper and gift boxes when you have your bonfire during Christmas, but those items can cause a lot of smoke that will disrupt the ambiance of your gathering. Plus, those items can cause a fire to rage out of control, making a phone call to the fire department at the top of your list.


3. Keep an Eye on the Smaller Guests

Bonfires can get really big, so it is important that you keep an eye on all your smaller guests and make sure that they do not get too close to the fire. If everyone is toasting marshmallows or other foods to eat, make sure that the adults are helping the little ones and that everyone is using long enough sticks.

4. Wear the Appropriate Clothing

Clothing can catch on fire quite easily, especially if an ember falls onto it. While you need to wear clothes when you are outside, you will want to choose non-flammable clothing when you are close to a fire of any kind.


5. Keep Extinguishing Equipment Nearby

A hose that can be turned on can help put out a fire, but we also recommend that you have a fire extinguisher or two close by just in case. Sand is another option that will allow you to put out fires when they are getting too large to keep in control.


6. Always Put the Bonfire Out When You are Finished

Some people think that as soon as the bonfire is burning down on its own, that it is okay to walk away and let it continue to go out. However, one wind gust or any other number of things can make those flames perk right back up again. Therefore, you should always spread out the ashes and pour water over them, so none of the burning embers remain.


Now that you know how to stay safe with a bonfire this Christmas, go out, start one, and fully enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends!


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