When it comes to those strands of Christmas lights, you have many more options available to you than you did years ago. You can choose small light bulbs, large bulbs, colors, and white, plus you can choose to use the newer LED lights instead of the incandescent lights of the past.

The Difference Between LED and Incandescent Christmas Lights



Okay, so incandescent lights are much cheaper to purchase than LED lights, but those lights are not going to last as long as the more expensive LED lights. Plus, incandescent lights use much more energy than LED lights, making your energy bills skyrocket when you have them on. The amount of money that you save on your energy bill and the amount that you will save by not needing to replace your lights every two or three years will more than make up the money that you spend on LED lights.



Incandescent lights do look pretty but they definitely cannot compare to the brightness that you will experience when you plug in just one set of LED lights. In fact, if you decide to replace just part of your lights with the newer LED bulbs, you will instantly feel like you must replace all the rest or the exterior of your home will look like it was thrown together with leftover lights.



Everyone usually wants to recreate their childhood at Christmastime, which is why they want the same size bulbs that their parents used. Therefore, they always choose incandescent lights. However, some of those people care about how much energy they use, so as much as they want to do as their parents did, they will choose the LED lights and save the extra money.



Incandescent lights only have one wire that you need to deal with, which makes them super simple to put up every year. LED lights have more wires, which can make them a little trickier to keep in place and they get tangled easier. However, the bulbs on LED lights are plastic, so there is less of a chance of you breaking them when you are moving them from place to place and storing them after Christmas.

As you can see, LED lights are definitely the way to go when it comes to Christmas lights! While you will see a higher price tag in the beginning, the savings that you will see over time will make you just as happy as the brighter lights you will see every time you turn them on. If you need specific lighting ideas make sure you don’t miss our collections of Outdoor Christmas lights and Indoor Christmas lights