Hanging lights all over your home and creating new lighting ideas for this upcoming Christmas might not be at the top of your list at the moment, especially since we are still amongst all the summer heat! However, now is the perfect time to find some amazing ideas to make your house shine on the inside this holiday season.


Indoor Christmas Lighting Options to Spruce Up Your Home


1. Fill Vases or Containers with Lights and Ornaments

    Creating a gorgeous lighted scene with vases and containers is as easy as purchasing some strings of mini lights and placing them inside with ornaments. You can even change things up a little and use pinecones or other outdoor items. Don’t discount those old wine bottles that are sitting around collecting dust either, because they will add even more visual appeal when lights are placed inside.


    2. Add Twinkle Lights to Your Ceilings

       Okay, so you might not want to add lights to all your ceilings, but the ceiling leading to your bedrooms or the ceilings inside your children’s rooms would be an excellent option for this idea. You can turn these lights on as it is getting dark and these spots in your home will look magical all night long!


      3. Add Lights to Garland

        Before you wrap that garland around your railings, add a few strands of lights to brighten things up. This is easy to do, but you can also purchase garland that already has lights in place if you are short on time.


        4. Create an Illuminated Card Holder

          Holiday cards usually arrive in droves and while you want to see them all, shoving them onto a mantel or into a card holder leads to some cards being buried amongst the rest. If you truly want to appreciate these cards for the entire season, then I recommend hanging Christmas lights on the wall and hanging your cards from them. This will add light to the surrounding area, while making your cards glow at the same time.


          5. Add Candles

            Yes, I know that candles can be dangerous to use, especially around all the other Christmas decorations. However, there are numerous battery-operated options available nowadays and they are the perfect solution for this time of the year. Simply place candles wherever you need a little extra light or place them on top of snow, surrounded by pinecones, inside a candle holder.


            These five lighting options will really brighten your home this Christmas season, although there are many other ideas out there that you can use as well. Start with these to see how amazing your home looks and then decide what else you need to add to spruce up your home even more.