When it comes to fresh Christmas trees, there are almost always plenty of options available around every street corner. However, not all those trees will meet the standards that you should have in place when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas tree.

How to Choose a Christmas Tree


1. Know the Size You Need

Before you even head out to the Christmas tree lot, you must grab the old tape measure and see how big of a tree you can fit into your home. Now, you can get a tree that will reach your ceiling, but remember that if you do, there is no way that you can put a tree topper on it! You should also see how much room you have for the girth of the tree, so you do not purchase one that is too wide for the space that you have available.


2. Test the Branches

It is important to test the branches on the tree that you want, because if the branches break off or the needles fall off, then the tree you are looking at is already dead and will most likely not last until the big day!


3. Crunch the Needles

When you crunch the needles between your hands, you should be able to smell that Christmassy odor on your hands. If you don’t, you can still buy the tree, but you won’t have that holiday aroma that you want.


4. Have the Tree Wrapped

Once you know that the tree that you want passes all your tests; size, smell, and healthiness, it will be time to have it wrapped up for the ride home. It is common to see some needles fall off during this process, so please do not panic and think that you just purchased the worst tree in the world when you see this happen!


5. Go local!

Getting your tree locally is always better than getting shipped from out-of-state. Obviously for the environment but not only! Local farms have local responsibility and reputation to protect and they tend to give much better service to their local community!


It is always best to go to a Christmas tree farm for your tree, because they grow trees specifically for this need. Some of the roadside stands are also excellent choices, especially those who are around year to year, because they normally work with the same growers as well.


It goes without saying that if you do get a dud of a Christmas tree from someone one year, and they were questionable to begin with, you shouldn’t return to the same person the following year. If you have never purchased a live Christmas tree before, then we recommend checking with your neighbors and friends to see where they have purchased their trees in years past. 


Decorations were not the focus of this article but we can safely assume that you’re going to add them 🙂 So if you need lighting or tree decor ideas we always have plenty to inspire you!