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This part will cover years 2016-2017. In those years Hallmark really stepped up its game. At least when it comes to quantity producing roughly 30 Christmas movies a year.

112. A Wish For Christmas (2016)

Sara’s big idea for Christmas is stolen by a colleague. She makes a wish from Santa to have the courage to speak her mind. Her wish is granted but only for 48hrs. Full stats 

a wish for christmas movie

113. The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

Two colleagues who dislike Christmas decide to spend the misery of holidays together but realize they quite enjoy each other’s company and Christmas. Full stats 

mistletoe for christmas movie

114. Love Always, Santa (2016)

A child writes to Santa asking for her widowed mom to find love again. A writer gets the letter. Will this be the beginning of a new romance? Full stats 

love always, santa - movie

115. Every Christmas Has A Story (2016)

A TV news broadcaster who hates Christmas goes to a small town to cover Christmas activities and rediscovers Christmas spirit. Full stats 

every christmas has a story - movie

116. Christmas Cookies (2016)

A corporate businesswoman is sent to buy a small-town’s cookies company and close its bakery. She then falls for the owner and re-discovers Christmas.  Full stats 

christmas cookies - movie

117. Finding Father Christmas (2016)

Miranda was raised by her mom after losing her father during Christmas. Now she tries to discover the truth about him and finds love during the process. Full stats 

finding father christmas - movie

118. My Christmas Dream (2016)

A talented department-store manager realizes acknowledges her dream of becoming the manager of the first international store. Full stats 

my christmas dream - movie

119. A December Bride (2016)

The bride’s cousin who was left at the altar isn’t really thrilled with the December wedding but a fake fiance might change all that. Full stats 

a december bride - movie

120. Operation Christmas (2016)

A soldier is deployed right before Christmas. His girlfriend and single mom decides to give the gift of giving at his base. Full stats 

operation christmas - movie

121. Broadcasting Christmas (2016)

News broadcasters and an ex-couple fight for the same morning talk show host position and discover why they liked each other in the first place. Full stats 

broadcasting christmas - movie

122. Christmas in Homestead (2016)

Homestead is hosting a new movie shoot during Christmas. Things get complicated when the movie star falls for the mayor. Full stats 

christmas in homestead - movie

123. Christmas List (2016)

A romantic Christmas vacation goes wrong when the boyfriend disappears. But new romance arises. Full stats 

christmas list - movie

124. A Heavenly Christmas (2016)

A workaholic dies and goes to heaven where she becomes a Christmas angel and ultimately falls in love with her earthly target. With Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack and Shirley MacLaine. Full stats 

a heavenly christmas - movie

125. Journey Back To Christmas (2016)

A WWII nurse travels through time and lands in 2016 where she learns the true meaning of Christmas. Full stats 

journey back to christmas - movie

126. I’ll be Home For Christmas (2016)

Jackie is a single mom and an assistant DA. Her dad, who is a retired cop, shows up for Christmas. With James Brolin and Mena Suvari. Full stats 

i'll be home for christmas - movie

127. A Dream of Christmas (2016)

A young married woman is granted a wish to become single again and discovers this isn’t the life she dreamt about. She fights to win her husband’s love back. Full stats 

dream of christmas - movie

128. Looks Like Christmas (2016)

Single parents fight for control over Christmas celebrations at their children middle-school and learn valuable lessons. Full stats 

looks like christmas - movie

129. Hearts of Christmas (2016)

Jenny plans a Christmas retirement party for the hospital supervisor. Her new manager wants to cut costs. Full stats 

hearts of christmas - movie

130. A Nutcracker Christmas (2016)

Her niece participates in the philadelphia’s ballet production of the Nutcracker. Now the ex-ballerina re-evaluates her life’s decisions Full stats 

a nutcracker christmas - movie

131. Love You Like Christmas (2016)

A corporate career woman gets to the town of Christmas Valley by accident and start to re-think her priorities. Full stats 

love you like christmas - movie

132. Sound of Christmas (2016)

A piano teacher helps a man’s teenage daughter with music lessons and start falling for her dad in the process. Full stats 

sound of christmas - movie

133. My Christmas Love (2016)

A romantic girl starts getting the “12 days of Christmas” gifts from an anonymous person. Will she find love? Full stats 

my christmas love - movie

134. Sleigh Bells Ring (2016)

A single mom organizes the town’s Christmas parade and finds a magical sleigh while looking for props. Full stats 

sleigh bells ring - movie

135. A When Calls The Heart Christmas (2016)

In this full length Christmas episode of the iconic Hallmark series When Calls The Heart TV series the people of Hope Valley learn the values of holiday giving and joy.  Full stats 

when calls the heart - christmas

136. The Christmas Cure (2017)

A doctor returns to her hometown for Christmas and wonders whether she should take over her retiring father’s practice and stay. Full stats 

the christmas cure - movie

137. Home for Christmas Day (2017)

Will a long distance relationship with an active duty soldier work? Full stats 

home for christmas day - movie

138. Marry Me at Christmas (2017)

A bridal boutique owner falls in love with the bride’s brother. Full stats 

marry me at christmas - movie

139. Christmas Festival of Ice (2017)

The town’s ice sculpting festival is about to cancel but Emma is not going to let it happen! Full stats 

christmas festival of ice - movie

140. The Perfect Christmas Present (2017)

Tom is nicknamed Mr. Christmas because he has the rare ability to decide what is the best Christmas present for someone. Full stats 

the perfect christmas present - movie

141. Miss Christmas (2017)

Miss Christmas is responsible finding Chicago’s official Christmas tree. A young boy promises his tree is the best. Full stats 

miss christmas - movie

142. Christmas in the Air (2017)

A widowed father seeks help from a professional organizer to prepare Christmas dinner for a client and make more time for his kids. Full stats 

christmas in the air - movie

143. The Sweetest Christmas (2017)

Kylie expects a proposal but gets a promotion instead. She finds comfort and maybe love from the restaurant owner where she works. Full stats 

the sweetest christmas - movie

144. A Song For Christmas (2017)

Adelaide is a famous popstar who finds herself stranded in rural Virginia. She is taken in by a family who is about to lose its Christmas Tree farm. Full stats 

a song for christmas - movie

145. Enchanted Christmas (2017)

Laura left Utah with lots of luggage behind. Now she returns to manage the renovation of an old hotel that must be open by Christmas. Full stats 

enchanted christmas - movie

146. Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

Miranda goes back to Vermont for Christmas. She intends to reconnect with her family and old love Ian but things come up that might reveal unwanted secrets. Full stats 

engaging father christmas - movie

147. Coming Home For Christmas (2017)

Lizzie is the house manager of the upscale Ashford Estate in Virginia and as the house is up for sale Lizzie is working for one last Christmas party. Full stats 

coming home for christmas - movie

148. Christmas Homecoming (2017)

A war-hero widow takes an injured soldier who returns from Afghanistan right before Christmas. Full stats 

christmas homecoming - movie

149. A Gift To Remember (2017)

Based on a novel. Darcey finds love with a handsome man who has amnesia. Full stats 

a gift to remember - movie

150. A Bramble House Christmas (2017)

Finn investigates why his mom Willa has received huge sums of money from their benefactor and what secret is behind all that. Full stats 

a brumble house christmas - movie

151. With Love, Christmas (2017)

Melanie and Donovan need to work together on a mobile ad for Christmas which Melanie loves and Donovan hates. Full stats 

with love christmas movie

152. The Mistletoe Inn (2017)

Kim is an aspiring novelist who after being dumped goes to a Vermont Inn for a writing retreat. She there meets interesting writers including her ex.  Full stats 

the mistletoe inn movie

153. Finding Santa (2017)

Grace is working on the town’s Christmas Day Parade but when her designated Santa breaks his arm she needs to find another only… He is unwilling. Full stats 

finding santa movie

154. The Christmas Train (2017)

With Dermot Mulroney as a journalist who takes a train from DC to LA to rediscover Christmas spirit and the people he meets on the way. Also starring Danny Glover and Joan Cusack. Full stats 

the christmas train movie

155. Switched For Christmas (2017)

Identical twins who are unhappy with their lives and one another decide to swap lives till Christmas. Full stats 

switched for christmas movie

156. A Joyous Christmas (2017)

Returning to her small-town for the holidays, a young author discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Full stats 

a joyous christmas movie

157. Christmas in Evergreen (2017)

The town’s veterinarian makes a wish from her snow globe asking for the most romantic Christmas. Full stats 

christmas in evergreen movie

158. Christmas in Angel Falls (2017)

A guardian angel is sent to Angel Falls to revive the town’s Christmas spirit. Full stats 

christmas in angel falls movie

159. Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017)

Sophie tries to convince a developer not to invest in her lodge. Full stats 

christmas at holly lodge movie

160. Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

Marie loses her Christmas spirit after a bad breakup. Her mom sends her some Christmas ornaments from her childhood to help restore the holiday faith. Full stats 

magical christmas ornaments movie

161. The Christmas Cottage (2017)

A maid of honor and the bride’s brother are stranded in the Christmas Cottage during a blizzard. Full stats 

christmas cottage movie

162. Christmas Encore (2017)

An actress gets the lead in a theatre’s Christmas Carol and falls in love with the director. The theatre is struggling after it lost its lease. Full stats 

christmas encore movie

163. Sharing Christmas (2017)

A woman is managing a Christmas store in a building that was bought by a developer. He obviously wants to change things. She finds an unlikely ally from an employee of the developer. Full stats 

sharing christmas movie

164. Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle (2017)

Maggie is a single mom who struggles between her career and parenting her son. A tutor for her son enters their life and changes everything. Full stats 

maggie's christmas miracle movie

165. Christmas Next Door (2017)

A famous author and a bachelor is looking after his niece and nephew for the holidays. With the help of his neighbor he learns to love the values of the holiday and finds love. Full stats 

christmas next door

166. Christmas Connection (2017)

A flight attendant is responsible for an 8 year old minor travelling alone to Chicago. She then discovers that the girl forgot something and heads up to the family to return it. She is then invited to join the Christmas activities. Full stats 

christmas connection movie

167. Romance at Reindeer Lodge (2017)

A couple is stranded at a Christmas themed ranch and although they dislike the holidays they find romance and begin to like Christmas. Full stats 

romance at reindeer lodge movie

168. Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017)

Sarah returns to her uncle’s mountain ranch for Christmas where she meets Graham, a Hollywood star, and things get complicated. Full stats 

rocky mountain christmas movie

169. Christmas Getaway (2017)

A travel writer takes a Christmas vacation and finds herself double-booked and stranded in the same room with a widower, his mother and daughter. Full stats 

christmas getaway movie

170. Royal New Year’s Eve (2017)

A fashion designer falls in love with her client’s fiancé, prince Jeffrey Full stats 

royal new year's eve movie

171. When Calls The Heart: Christmas Wishing Tree (2017)

The yearly Christmas movie from the Hallmark TV series When Calls The Heart. In this one the town has a new tradition to grant Christmas wishes to its people. One person is working very hard to make a specific wish come true. Full stats 

when calls the heart: christmas wishing tree - movie


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