And the list continues… So now we’re covering Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies from the years 2013-2015.

If you were wondering why the first list covered over a decade and this one only 3 years it’s because Hallmark’s Christmas movie productions just boomed and it will be even more visible when we get to recent years.

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60. The Thanksgiving House (2013)

Mary inherits a house in Plymouth and discovers it’s the historical site of the first Thanksgiving.¬†Full stats¬†

the thanksgiving house movie

61. Pete’s Christmas (2013)

A teenage boy Pete, finds himself re-living the same Christmas Day over and over again. Full stats 

pete's christmas movie

62. Snow Bride (2013)

Greta is a tabloid reporter who tries to get a scoop about a coming Christmas wedding but how far will she go to get the story? Full stats 

snow bride movie

63. A Very Merry Mix-Up (2013)

Following Alice’s recent engagement she is headed to meet her future in-laws but accidently meet the wrong family and start celebrations with them.¬†Full stats¬†

a very merry mix up movie

64. The Christmas Ornament (2013)

A widow is taunted by Christmas memories of her late husband so she decides not to celebrate. Full stats 

the christmas ornament movie

65. Catch A Christmas Star (2013)

A widower reconnects with his high-school love with the help of his kids. She happens to be one of the world’s biggest pop stars.¬†Full stats¬†

catch a christmas star movie

66. Window Wonderland (2013)

A window decorator is after her dream job at a big department store only to find out she has competition from a rival decorator. Full stats 

window wonderland movie

67. Fir Crazy (2013)

Elise comes back to mage the family Christmas tree farm and re-discovers her lost Christmas spirit. Full stats 

fir crazy movie

68. Let it Snow (2013)

Following a recent purchase of a rustic property an executive sets to examine it and prepare a plan to make it trendy. Full stats 

let it snow movie

69. Christmas with Tucker (2013)

After the death of his dad and young boy forms a friendship with a dog. Full stats 

christmas with tucker movie

70. The Christmas Spirit (2013)

A woman falls into coma but her spirit is very much awake. She tries to communicate with her surrounding and convince them to ditch a real estate development. Full stats 

the christmas spirit movie

71. Santa Switch (2013)

Dan’s life is falling apart. To get some cash he starts working as Santa at a shopping mall. Around the same time the real Santa decides to take a vacation and makes a switch with Dan leaving him in charge of Christmas with the help of Sean Astin, his loyal Elf.¬†Full stats¬†

santa switch movie

72. Hats Off to Christmas! (2013)

Mia works at a Christmas store and asked to train the owner’s son for a position she wanted.¬†Full stats¬†

hats off to christmas movie

73. Finding Christmas (2013)

Sean and Owen swap houses for the holidays. They each find love and Christmas spirit where they least expected to. Full stats 

finding christmas movie

74. One Starry Christmas (2014)

An astronomer meets a man who shares her passion for Christmas and stars. Now she must decide whether to choose the new guy or her boyfriend. Full stats 

one starry christmas movie

75. The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

A man decides being single isn’t for him after he bonds with a stray cat.¬†Full stats¬†

the nine lives of christmas movie

76. A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014)

Two rival teachers set to win a holiday baking competition. Full stats 

a cookie cutter christmas movie

77. Northpole (2014)

Northpole is a big city powered by holiday magic. The city is in trouble but one boy can help it if he can convince his mom to believe the wonders of Christmas. Full stats 

northpole movie

78. Angels and Ornaments (2014)

Three men try to win the heart of a young woman who decided to find love before Christmas. Full stats 

angels and ornaments movie

79. A Royal Christmas (2014)

A charming prince wants to marry his girlfriend from Philly but his mom the queen isn’t very happy about his plan.¬†Full stats¬†

a royal christmas movie

80. The Christmas Shepherd (2014)

A German Shepherd gets lost and adopted by a new family. His old owner eventually finds him and developpes a connection with the new family. Full stats 

the christmas shepherd movie

81. Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas (2014)

A group postal detectives help deliver a letter written to God by a girl whos mom’s life is in danger before Christmas Eve.¬†Full stats¬†

signed sealed delivered for christmas movie

82. Christmas Under Wraps (2014)

A doctor is sent to Alaska and discovers the town’s Christmas secret and love.¬†Full stats¬†

christmas under wraps movie

83. One Christmas Eve (2014)

A divorced mom is trying to make the first Christmas without “Dad” perfect.¬†Full stats¬†

one christmas eve movie

84. Mr. Miracle (2014)

A young woman is trying to find her way with the help of her English teacher who is also her guardian angel. Full stats 

mr miracle movie

85. Christmas at Cartwright’s (2014)

A single mom starts working as a department store Santa to have more income for the holidays while an angel will make sure things will go for the better for her. Full stats 

christmas at cartwright's movie

86. The Christmas Secret (2014)

Single mom’s life is falling apart when she discovers she is a member of a magical heirloom family.¬†Full stats¬†

the christmas secret movie

87. Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)

Colleague rivals are aiming for the same position while being forced to work together on the best Christmas party ever in order to save an important client. Full stats 

best christmas party ever movie

88. The Christmas Parade (2014)

A famous talk show host is forced to do community work at a small town and help them plan a Christmas parade while learning the holiday values. Full stats 

the christmas parade movie

89. Family for Christmas (2015)

After a chat with the office Santa, a woman wakes up finding herself married to her high-school boyfriend and with two kids. Full stats 

family for christmas movie

90. ‘Tis The Season For Love (2015)

A girl returns to her small town and realizes that maybe she belongs there after all. Full stats 

'tis the season for love movie

91. Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015)

A chef enters into an ice sculpting competition against her boss and with the help of her friend. Full stats 

ice sculpture christmas movie

92. Charming Christmas (2015)

A young woman plays Mrs. Claus at a department store when magic starts to happen. Full stats 

charming christmas movie

93. I’m Not Ready for Christmas (2015)

Holly’s niece wish from Santa was for her not to be able to tell a lie. This brings many unpredictable situations.¬†Full stats¬†

I'm not ready for christmas movie

94. Christmas Incorporated (2015)

A man inherits a toy factory in a small town and goes there to decide if he wants to keep it open. He learns the true meaning of Christmas and finds love. Full stats 

christmas incorporated movie

95. Northpole: Open For Christmas (2015)

Mackenzie inherits her aunts inn and intends to restore and sell it right before Christmas. She receives help from a group of elves and learns the true meaning of Christmas. Full stats 

northpole: open for christmas movie

96. Merry Matrimony (2015)

A fashion magazine businesswoman gets to organize a Christmas wedding only to discover she has to work with the photographer who is her ex. Full stats 

merry matrimony movie

97. Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery (2015)

A baking shop owner gets involved in a murder mystery as well as with two young men who court her. Full stats 

murder she baked: plum pudding mystery movie

98. Once Upon A Holiday (2015)

A princess discovers New York on her own during Christmas and meets a young man who shows her the city. Full stats 

once upon a holiday movie

99. 12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)

A businessman hires an artist to help him pick gifts for family and friends. Full stats 

12 gifts of christmas movie

100. Crown for Christmas (2015)

Fired from her job, Allie agrees to look after a girl who is part of a royal European family. Full stats 

crown for christmas movie

101. A Christmas Detour (2015)

A married couple, broken-heart man and an engaged woman are having an adventure on their way to New York. Full stats 

a christmas detour

102. Angel of Christmas (2015)

A reporter is writing her first real article about the family handcrafted angel which is said has powers bringing people together. She develops feeling for two young men. Full stats 

angel of christmas movie

103. The Christmas Note (2015)

Moving back to town with her son, a woman develops a strong friendship with her neighbor around Christmas. Full stats 

the christmas note movie

104. Just in Time For Christmas (2015)

A professor gets an offer for her dream job at Yale and a marriage proposal by her boyfriend. She gets to see how her life would look 3 years from now when she said yes to Yale and no to her boyfriend.  Full stats 

just in time for christmas movie

105. The Bridge (2015)

Two students get closer together as The Bridge, the local bookstore helps to grow their relationship. Full stats 

the bridge movie

106. Magic Stocking (2015)

A young girl was given a magical Christmas Stocking but her widowed mom is skeptical about its powers. Full stats 

magic stocking movie

107. On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas (2015)

Debbie’s old love Mitch returns to town and she tries to help him reignite his Christmas spirit.¬†Full stats¬†

on the twelfth day of christmas movie

108. Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through The Snow (2015)

It’s Christmas and Ashley is stranded at the airport. She accepts a ride from a man who rented the last car available and the couple sets north for a winter adventure.¬†Full stats¬†

debbie macomber's dashing through the snow movie

109. A Christmas Melody (2015)

Music sends people back to a nostalgic period where they felt their true selves. Full stats 

a christmas melody movie

110. Christmas Land (2015)

A woman’s plans to sell an inherited Christmas tree farm change after she finds love and gets to know the town.¬†Full stats¬†

christmas land movie

111. When Calls The Heart: New Year’s Wish (2015)

A full length TV movie episode for the long running When Calls The Heart series in which Hope Valley sees the greatest New Year’s celebrations ever seen.¬†Full stats¬†

when calls the heart new year's wish movie


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