It’s this time of the year again and if you’re like us then Christmas movies are a big part in boosting the Holiday spirit. It’s so nice sitting in the living room with your family or in bed with your significant other and just watching a good movie with a hot cocoa just by your side. 

Now we all know that all the networks and movie studios produce Christmas movies but there’s only one that truly made Christmas its trademark and as you guessed… It’s Hallmark.

Movie critics and others can question the artistic value in many of those movies but one thing is certain. They bring joy and they are fun to watch. What more can you ask for during the holidays?

The list below is a comprehensive list of all the Christmas movies ever produced by the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Studios. Enjoy!


1. A Town Without Christmas (2001). 

In a small town, a child’s letter catches the attention of the entire nation. 
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a town without christmas movie poster


2. A Christmas Visitor (2002)

The Boyajians have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years, since they lost their son in the war. Now a strange boy joins them right before Christmas. Will they be changed? Full stats
a christmas visitor movie poster

3. A Carol Christmas (2003)

Starring Tori Spelling William Shatner and Gary Coleman this Christmas movie is based on the Dickens novel with the similar name. Full stats

a carol christmas movie poster

4. Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus (2004)

single santa seeks mrs claus

Steve Guttenberg’s (as Nick) plan to let fate bring him love changes when he’s asked to replace his dad as Santa on December 26. Full Stats

5. A Boyfriend For Christmas (2004)

a boyfriend for christmas movie

Holly asks Santa for a boyfriend for Christmas. Twenty years later her wish is granted. Is this too good to be true or just a deception? Full Stats

6. Angel In The Family (2004)

angel in family

An aging father and his two daughters experience a Christmas miracle when the deceased mom spend the holiday with them. Full stats

7. Silver Bells (2005)

silver bells movie

Anne Heche is Catherine O’Mara. She bonds with a young man who run away from his father. A year goes by and she encounters the dad. Full stats

8. Meet the Santas (2005)

meet the santas movie

In this sequel to Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus it is all about the wedding and as with a proper Santa family it will take place on Christmas Eve. Full stats

9. The Christmas Card (2006)

the christmas card movie

A US soldier receives a Christmas card and goes to visit the town that sent this inspiring letter. Full stats

10. A Grandpa For Christmas (2007)

a grandpa for christmas

Bert is an old time movie star who started bonding with his granddaughter Becca after her mom is hospitalized. Full stats

11. All I Want For Christmas (2007)

all i want for christmas movie

Jessie enters into a national video contest but his winning video “All I want for Christmas is a husband for my mom” has some unexpected outcomes. Full stats

12. Moonlight And Mistletoe (2008)

moonlight and mistletoe movie

Holly moved out from Santaville only to return and discover the place totally outdated. She tries to save it with the help of a charming man. Full stats 

13. The Christmas Choir (2008)

the christmas choir movie

Dumped by his fiancee right before Christmas the workaholic Peter rediscovers his love for music and forms a choir. Full stats

14. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (2008)

the most wonderful time of the year movie

Henry Winkler is the uncle of a single mom and corporate analyst with a business like approach towards Christmas. Full stats

15. Our First Christmas (2008)

our first christmas movie

Two families come together for Christmas. What could go wrong? Full stats 

16. The National Tree (2009)

the national tree movie

A boy’s tree is chosen to be planted outside the White House and become the national Christmas tree. Full stats

17. A Dog Named Christmas (2009)

a dog named christmas movie

Boy sets to convince his family and village to participate in the “Adopt A Dog For Christmas” initiative. Full stats

18. Mrs. Miracle (2009)

mrs miracle movie

James Van Der Beek is a widower looking for a housekeeper to help him with his twins. Full stats 

19. Christmas in Canaan (2009)

christmas in canaan movie

A black boy and a white boy forge a friendship in Canaan, Texas during the 60s and experience an unforgettable Christmas. Full stats

20. The Three Gifts (2009)

the three gifts movie

Dean Cain as Jack Green, inherited a toy factory, a horse and accepts looking after three orphans till Christmas. Full stats 

21. The Night Before The Night Before Christmas (2010)

the night before the night before christmas movie

Santa sets off to start his duties a day early but crashes his sleigh and loses his magic sack. Full stats 

22. The Town Christmas Forgot (2010)

the town christmas forgot movie

A wealthy family gets stuck in a sleepy dying Colorado town during Christmas. 

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23. Miracle in Manhattan (2010)

miracle in manhattan movie

Originally named Call Me Mrs. Miracle is about Emily Merkle and she celebrates Christmas like no other! Full stats 

24. November Christmas (2010)

november christmas movie

A young girl is fighting cancer and this affects all the people in her life. Full stats 

25. The Santa Suit (2010)

the santa suit

Toy company CEO scrooge like character is suddenly changed as he reexamines his life. Full stats 

26. Farewell Mr. Kringle (2010)

farewell mr kringle movie

A journalist who doesn’t celebrate Christmas gets to the town of Mistletoe to write about a man who believes he’s Santa. Full stats

27. The Santa Incident (2010)

the santa incident movie

Santa is questioned by Homeland Security after his sleigh shots down flying over a restricted zone. Full stats 

28. An Old Fashioned Christmas (2010)

an old fashioned christmas movie

Isabella and Tilly visit Ireland hoping that the Earl of Shannon could help publish Tilly’s book. Full stats 

29. Three Wise Women (2010)

three wise women movie

Planned to get married on Christmas a woman must make a life changing decision. Full stats 

30. Gift of The Magi (2010)

gift of the magi movie

Newlyweds and broke, a couple agrees not to buy Christmas presents this year. Full stats 

31. Battle of The Bulbs (2010)

battle of the bulbs movie

What happens when two men compete for the brightest most extravagant Christmas lights display? Full stats 

32. Love’s Christmas Journey (2011)

loves christmas journey movie

Recently widowed wife visits her brother and his children for Christmas. Full stats 

33. Mistletoe Over Manhattan (2011)

mistletoe over manhattan movie

Mrs. Claus goes to NYC in an attempt to cheer up Santa and regain his Christmas spirit. Full stats 

34. Lucky Christmas (2011)

lucky christmas movie

Elizabeth Berkley is an extremely unlucky single mom who wonders will her luck ever change for the better as Christmas approaches. Full stats 

35. Cancel Christmas (2011)

cancel christmas movie

Santa thinks children became too greedy and sets to teach the spirit of Christmas to two teens or else… Christmas will be canceled. Full stats 

36. A Christmas Wedding Tail (2011)

a christmas wedding tail movie

A labrador and a poodle fall in love. Their owners soon follow but as usual it’s all too complicated with humans. Full stats 

37. The Case For Christmas (2011)

the case for christmas

Dean Cain is a lawyer who defends Santa Claus in a very big trial. Full stats 

38. A Christmas Wish (2011)

A Christmas Wish movie

Left by her husband who took all her money a wife takes a job at a rural inn. Meanwhile good spirits make sure her luck will change this Christmas. Full stats 

39. Jingle All The Way (2011)

jingle all the way movie

A puppy is looking for a home at a Christmas tree farm. Full stats 

40. Trading Christmas (2011)

Emily and Charles swap houses before Christmas. They each get an experience they didn’t expect for. Full stats 

trading christmas movie

41.Holiday Engagement (2011)

A girl hires an actor to play her fiance during a Thanksgiving weekend at her family house. Full stats 

holiday engagement movie

42. A Princess For Christmas (2011)

A woman travels with her family to a castle in Europe where she falls madly in love with a charming prince. Full stats 

princess for christmas movie

43. Annie Claus Is Coming To Town (2011)

Santa’s daughter Annie visits California during Christmas season hoping to find an adventure and true love.  Full stats 

annie claus is coming to town movie

44. The Christmas Pageant (2011)

A Broadway director is forced to take a job as a Christmas Pageant director. Full stats 

the christmas pageant movie

45. Christmas Comes Home To Canaan (2011)

Another movie in the Canaan series. In this one a lovely doctor comes to town to help with the recovery of one of the boys. Full stats 

christmas comes home to canaan

46. Christmas Magic (2011)

After a snowstorm car accident the life of a successful career-woman changes. She needs to complete a task on earth before moving to the place beyond. Full stats 

christmas magic movie

47. Christmas Song (2012)

Two music teachers compete for the same job while romance blossoms between them. Full stats 

christmas song movie

48. Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012)

A parade coordinator falls for a consultant came to analyze her performance. Full stats 

love at the thanksgiving day parade movie

49. The Wishing Tree (2012)

A Christmas wishing tree helps a group of orphaned children develop a sense of family. Full stats 

the wishing tree movie

50. Matchmaker Santa (2012)

Melanie owns a cute bakery and dates a successful man but could true love actually develop with his assistant? Full stats 

matchmaker santa movie

51. It’s Christmas Carol! (2012)

Carol is driven and heartless and on Christmas Eve is visited by the ghost of her former boss Eve… Full stats 

it's christmas carol movie

52. Jingle and Bell’s Christmas Star (2012)

In this animated movie, Jingle & Bell, two husky puppies meet new friends. Full stats 

jingle & bells christmas star movie

53. Naughty or Nice (2012)

Krissy Kringle gets her hand on the Naughty or Nice book and exposes all the naughty people around her only to discover that this power has a price. Full stats 

naughty or nice movie

54. Hitched For The Holidays (2012)

A couple of friends agrees to be the others significant other for the coming holidays to please their respective families. Full stats 

hitched for the holidays movie

55. A Bride For Christmas (2012)

A successful man tries to win a bet by convincing a heartbroken woman marrying him by Christmas. Full stats 

bride for christmas movie

56. The Christmas Heart (2012)

A boy needs a heart transplant by Christmas Eve so his family puts the Christmas traditions on hold. Full stats 

the christmas heart movie

57. Come Dance With Me (2012)

Jack plans to propose on the Christmas party so he takes dance lessons but could he be falling for the instructor instead? Full stats 

come dance with me movie

58. Help For The Holidays (2012)

Sara has no Christmas spirit but the busy mom suddenly gets help from an Elf from the North Pole. Full stats 

help for the holidays movie

59. Baby’s First Christmas (2012)

Kyle and Jenna don’t like each other but team up to help their siblings who expect a baby on Christmas Eve in an adventure taking place in New York. Full stats 

baby's first christmas movie


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