Your kitchen gets used a lot throughout the year, but we all know that this space really gets a workout during the holiday season. You spend more time in there baking cookies, working on potluck lunches for work, and dealing with the prep for any number of holiday parties. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to get your kitchen ready for all this madness!

Here are 4 tips that will help get your kitchen ready for Christmas:


1. Clear Off Those Countertops

Yes, we know that you try to keep your countertops clear of clutter, but life happens, and piles begin to grow! Happens to us too! This is the perfect time to go through all that stuff and clear your countertops off once and for all. You will thank us later when you can use every inch of your counters for your holiday prep.


2. Clean Out Your Refrigerator

You know you are going to need to squeeze as much food as possible into your refrigerator this Christmas season, so get a head start by cleaning it out first. Take everything out and wipe down every shelf and drawer. Throw out all those expired items, as well as the items that you know you won’t be using.


3. Clean Your Oven

Your oven probably has a few spills on the bottom from all those meals you have made the last couple of months, and while they will eventually bake off, there will be a lot of smoke and nasty odors in the process. We recommend cleaning your oven, so you can easily prepare anything without the extra smoke and smells.


4. Take Inventory

You are going to be needing a lot of food this holiday season, so you should take inventory before you go to the store. This will ensure that you know what you have and what you are going to run out of. This is also an excellent time to take inventory of your dishes and serving items, especially if you are hosting a large gathering for the first time. After all, there is nothing worse than planning on serving twenty people and only having enough dishes for eighteen!


These four tips will have you loving your kitchen space this Christmas season, because you will not be scrambling to see where things are and what you need to do to accomplish everything. We recommend doing these things earlier in the month, so that the days before Christmas are as stress-free as possible.

And being stress-free contributes directly to creativity in the kitchen! Whether you make Christmas classic dishes or Christmas shaped cookies, time is everything so make sure you don’t start at the last minute.