Invited as a Guest for Christmas this Year? Consider Bringing One of These Fabulous Presents!

Being invited as a guest for the holidays can be wonderful, until you realize that you should take your host a fabulous gift to say thank you! First off, to be honest, no host ever invites people to their home because they want multiple gifts. However, it is a nice gesture to take something for them. After all, they are feeding you and allowing you to spend time in the company of others.  

Fabulous Presents All Hosts Will Love

Bottle of Wine

Wine is always a wonderful gift to take your host, but please make sure that they understand that you do not expect them to serve it with the meal. Most hosts will feel obligated to pop the cork, but that can be awkward if the wine you bring doesn’t go with the meal options! You may also want to get an idea of what wine they enjoy first, because everyone has a preference as to whether they like sweet or a little more on the dry side.

Essential Oils Night Light

Everyone loves essential oils, so why not take your host a gorgeous Essential Oils Night Light! There are many different types to choose from and they can switch up their oils to fit the time of the year and their needs. The best part is that any type of essential oils night light will match the décor of your host’s home and they will love the soft glow that it emits every night of the year.


While anyone can go grab a Glade candle off of a grocery store shelf, you may earn brownie points for thinking and planning ahead when you show up with an Archipelago Havana candle. Candles offer a soothing experience, which will be perfect for after your host finishes cleaning up after all the festivities!

Coffee Table Books

When you have walked into your host’s home in the past, you may have seen a few coffee table books laying out, just waiting to be looked through. If that was the case, then you must choose from one of the many best coffee table books as a gift. There are so many to choose from, but you are better off going with a subject that your host loves. Whether that is travel, photography, art, or something else, you should be able to find it easily when you are shopping.

These are some of the better host gifts for when you are invited as a guest for the holidays. You may have many other fabulous ideas though, which is good, because only you know the types of things that your host will truly appreciate!

And if on the other hand you’re hosting these holidays be sure to read our article about planning a perfect Christmas party!