Christmas is the time to enjoy your life, take off from work, spend time with your friends and family, go on a holiday, and generally just lie back and relax. The perfectness of Christmas is slightly marred by the anxiety that accompanies gift shopping. It is extremely difficult to get women a gift, despite the fact that there are so many things available out there. Men find it tough, if not altogether impossible, to buy the ideal gift for her. So how do you choose? Keep on reading 🙂

Many women don’t like to ask for something they need. While you can ask her friends or family on what a great gift for her could be, it does make it the tiniest bit impersonal. There is something loving and so nice about searching for a gift all by yourself and then coming across one that would fit the bill perfectly. All the effort you put in cannot be replaced.

Besides the gift itself, unwrapping is just as fun, if not more! Try to have a theme around the unwrapping, such as a scavenger or a treasure hunt. Regarding the gift, the first thing you should decide is how much you are prepared to spend. Once you know that, make a list of things that you know she loves, her hobbies, and interests. If she loves books, how about getting her a few books or better yet, a gift card to a bookstore where she can spend hours browsing the shelves and choosing books of her choice.

If she loves sports, sport or gym gear is an excellent bet. For those women who love cosmetics and body care products, you have your work cut for you. There are plenty of skin care products and goodie bags, by pretty much every popular brand. If not, you can always sign up for a subscription box for her. There are many online skincare subscription boxes that send the recipient a box of surprise body care products. You can choose how long you want the subscription to continue or if it is just a one-thing thing.

Another tip that never fails it to look through her Amazon’s wish list and get her just the thing she wanted. You might also be able to get other ideas by browsing through their Facebook or Instagram profiles. In addition to getting them something from the shop, pair it up with something personal from your side. It is a lovely idea if you are planning to gift her perfume. But imagine how much more personalized it would be if you write her a letter or a song from you. If you are good at art, you can even consider painting her a little something. Another thing you could do if she is devoted to a certain cause is to help that cause out – in terms of material donation, your time, or money.

Someone Said Christmas?

Don’t forget that we are talking about a Christmas gift. So far we’ve talked about gifts in general and all the tips are legit but in many families (ours included) we also like to gift Xmas themed gifts. Actually these ones are the most fun and in many cases they cost the least! Here at All For Xmas we have tons of gifts for under $10 and also have a whole section dedicated on gifts for her! Try browsing it, we’re sure it will give you some ideas!

christmas gift for her - xmas tree
At the end of the day, no matter what you choose for her, she is going to appreciate it and loves it. Make a mental note every time she mentions she wants or needs something. This is a sure shot way of getting her what she wants. These are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for her.


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