Getting Christmas gift ideas for humans is hard enough but what about dos??

There is only one holiday that gets everyone excited about receiving gifts. It is Christmas time! However, giving gifts can be extremely stressful! We all exchange gifts with our friends, family, and coworkers. But, how about our pooches? Do not forget the pups who live beside us 365 days of the year. Make sure that they are not forgotten!

You might be confused as to what to get for them – here we have put together a list that might send your pooch into a whirlwind of excitement. Choose something which would suit your dog. Just like us humans, pups are different as well – while some like to chew and some like to sleep! Ensure you go with the right choice for a gift for your pet!

It is important to keep in mind that dogs have feelings, just like us. The excitement and enthusiasm of the holiday season will not be lost on them. They might not understand what Christmas is, but they will definitely see that everyone is giving and receiving something! Your pooch might feel jealous or even left out. Getting them a little something will go a long way in making them happy.


So what should you get the?

Personalized Rope Frisbee – This gift is perfect for the dogs who love to chew and play fetch or catch. For a bit of personalization, you will be able to print the dog’s name on the rope.

Dog Christmas pudding – Is your dog a foodie? This is one of the best gifts that you will be able to give your pet. Dogs never say no to food!

Christmas Lazy Bed – There are several Christmas-themed dog beds that you will be able to find in the market. Try to personalize it if you feel you are not getting the right bed for your pet.

Surprise Stockings – Buy a few stockings that have a huge opening. Put in toys and treats such as chewy ball, bones, natural treats, squeaky toys, stuffed toys, new collar, or anything else that comes to your mind. Ask your dog to choose the stockings one by one so that you can reveal the present for them.

Fashion Makeover – If you are into fashion and it suits your dog as well, then it is a great idea to grab some bows and make a small suit tailored just for your dog.

Dog puzzles – It is true that your pets need brain exercises just like us. This helps in improving the mind. For instance, there is a puzzle that will have six glasses, under one of which you will have to place some treats. Now, jumble the glasses and let your pooch figure out where the treats are!

BarkBox – These are subscription boxes that contain treats and goodies for dogs. They arrive every month, as long as you keep up the subscription. You and your pet can both wait with bated breath to see what’s in every month!

Now that you have a fair idea of gifts that you can give your pet, what are you going ahead with?