Christmas is never too far away. If you don’t want to get caught up in the last minute rush, trying to madly figure out the perfect gift for everyone in your life, you should start thinking about it sometime before. While it is the thought that counts, getting the ideal gift for everyone on your list is definitely going to fuel their holiday spirit. But what if your list is long and your budget is modest?…I have found myself asking the question – Can I find good Christmas gifts under $10?

So, before the holiday season rolls over, here is the answer – yes!

Well first, what exactly is the perfect present? Ideally it is one where the giftee not only loves but also finds it useful.

While snow globes and other holiday items are very Christmassy, would they lend value to the user? Instead, what you can do is to think about the interests of the recipient. Do they love decorating their Christmas tree and take great pride in it? If so, why not gift them some lovely tree decorations? Mini Christmas Tree Stockings and Gloves, Iron Pendant Tree Ornaments, Wooden DIY Christmas Ornaments, and Santa Claus dolls are all excellent ideas. Most of them would also be available under $10.

Know anyone on your list who loves to light up their house and surroundings? A great gift for them would be some lights. There are plenty of options that you can consider that would fall within your budget, such as LED Star Waterfall Curtain String Lights, Artificial Snow Instant Snow Powder, tea lights and candles in a variety of Christmas-themed shapes. If the person works hard and you want to give them a break, you can also consider gifting them a spa coupon or a nice bubble bath set! That would lift my day for sure!

You might also come across some warm beanies, sweatshirts, or hoodies that would be perfect to keep your loved ones warm through the winter. Come the Christmas season, you are sure to find plenty of options that can help in your search – cute sweatshirts and hoodies sporting Santa Claus, brightly decorated Christmas trees, and reindeers all joining in the fun. Aromatherapy oils, candle sets, fancy handkerchiefs, and bath bombs are some random ideas that might help you brainstorm a little!

If you are planning to purchase for your man, dad or uncle, why not consider a shaving kit or a gym bag, if the person loves to work out. Men love to relax, be it in front of the TV or grilling outside so anything around that will be much appreciated!

If you want to spoil your giftee, why not bring them a basket of homemade goodies, such as jam, cookies, fudge, and so on. There are a ton of easy cooking recipes available online. A selection of coffee, tea, or cocoa would be a thoughtful gift as well.

Here at All For Xmas we have a wide selection of gift ideas under $10 for him, for her and of course for the little ones. We keep our prices low because we believe that everyone should be getting a gift for Christmas so budget shouldn’t be constraining.

Have fun doing your Christmas shopping!