Most people are familiar with ugly Christmas sweaters, but did you know that Christmas fashion doesn’t end with sweaters? In fact, it gets much, much better. (Or is it worse?) In addition to ugly Christmas sweaters, unappealing fashion loving Christmas fans can now snap up ugly Christmas leggings! That’s right: you can be dressed in ugly Christmas gear from top to bottom if you so choose.

Before we dive into some of the most out-there ugly Christmas leggings, let’s take a pit stop at the philosophy section to explore just why people love ugly Christmas clothing so much.

Why People Love “Ugly” Christmas Outfits

Ugly Christmas outfits are—well, ugly! So why do people enjoy wearing them? The key to solving this Christmas time mystery—which, for once, has nothing to do with what’s inside a present box or who ate up Santa’s cookies before dad had a chance to get to them—lies in that little piece deep down inside all of us that just likes to have fun. Ugly Christmas clothes such as sweaters and leggings are tacky and unappealing—and oh so fun to wear for many people.

If you get a kick out of wearing ugly Christmas gear, then the chances are high that you simply enjoy letting that little fun-loving Christmas gremlin inside of you out once or twice a year. If it means wearing a truly hideous pair of leggings to do so, what’s the harm?

Ugly Christmas Leggings: Take Ugly Christmas Up to Eleven

With that out of the way, let’s take this ugly Christmas train all the way to the station with 3 truly, wonderfully hideous ugly Christmas leggings that will have people practically screaming at the tackiness of your outfit this Christmas season.


Candy Canes

Everyone loves candy canes–that is, until your tongue has inevitably worn it down to a dangerously sharp point that jabs your tongue and gums and you have to bite into the hard candy cane to even it out again. This truly tacky candy cane inspired pair of leggings isn’t just striped–it contains plenty of candy cane swirls in red, white and green for a dizzying (and ugly) array of colors.


Blue Ugly Christmas Elk Leggings

If you’re up for everyone in your family telling you to make your knees “kiss” all day, opt for these shocking blue leggings with a two-part image of elks kissing under mistletoe. You’ll get tired of people making jokes about kissing within a few minutes, but in terms of ugly Christmas clothing levels of tackiness, that sort of weariness is definitely a plus.


Christmas Tree Ornament Leggings

If you want your leggings to look like ugly Christmas wrapping paper, then you should look no further than this set of leggings with a hodgepodge ornament design that has a little bit of everything thrown into the mix.

When it comes to ugly Christmas leggings, you truly can’t go tacky enough—so make sure to have some fun this Christmas season!

Because Christmas is so colorful the designs come to reflect that and they do a very good job! Christmas leggings can look a little bit weird if worn outside the holiday season. But during the months leading to the end of the year they are as legitimate as they are fun!

Merry Christmas 🙂