Love Actually is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy film released in 2003. And… If you’ve never seen it then you are probably browsing this site by mistake… Anyways, this post is not at all about the movie but it’s been nearly two decades since the release of the film, but the movie and the popular song featured in this film have managed to find a permanent place in the people’s hearts. To be honest, the soundtrack of the movie is awesome in general but I’m talking about “All I want for Christmas Is You” of course!

It is unmistakably a Mariah Carey song, first released in 1994 so 9 years before Love Actually and it perfectly portrays the sentiment each one of us experiences during Christmas. 

In the movie however it was sang by Olivia Olson and what a version it was… Just listen…


We exchange presents and gifts as a token of our love to one another. At the end of the day, all we want for Christmas is some quality time with our loved ones – friends and family and this song captures it beautifully.

However, a present is never a bad idea 🙂 

While we know our parents, our significant other, siblings, and friends all have our best interests at heart and love us unconditionally, a little gift goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive. A little, thoughtful gift can say a lot – something the song has captured perfectly.

Happiness is a gift that is the most precious of all. While materialistic things can never help attain actual happiness, they can definitely cheer us up! So, what plans do you have of showing your love and cheering up your loved one this Christmas? The latest trend going around is personalization – on clocks, wood pieces, photo frames, cushions, coffee mugs, and so on. You can add a memorable photo or maybe just your initials. Even a personalised greeting card or ecards like we offer here will personalize your gift.

If you are planning to gift something that is not only memorable but also useful to the recipient of the gift, why don’t you take a look at the vast collection available at All for Xmas? From tree decorations, Christmas lighting, home décor, clothes and footwear to greeting cards and DIYs, the options are endless.

We don’t believe that there are any ideal gifts for men or women. A great gift for one could be plain or boring for another. We’re leaving children (and pets) out because they are usually much easier to please. Toys for children and also for dogs will do the trick. And we’re not trying to compare children to our 4-legged friends. It’s just a fact… 🙂

Besides these materialistic ideas, it’s always a good practice to try and think about something that would warm their hearts? Something, such as gift baskets, chocolate fudge, homemade jams, wine and nibbles hamper, nuts and dry fruits, and so on. Coffee, tea, a case of beer, some rich cocoa, or anything that you are sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Spread the love and some presents and Christmas will be a jolly good time!