What is the worst part of the entire Christmas experience? Shopping for all the gifts or wrapping them?

If you are like many people all over the world, you might say that they are both equally horrendous. However, wrapping gifts can be even more time consuming than the entire shopping process.

5 Ways to Make Gift Wrapping Fun, Easy, and Unique

1. Stick with Natural Wrappings

All those different types of wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, and more can cause you more than one headache. That is why we recommend choosing natural wrappings this holiday season. Some brown Kraft paper, a little twine, and some fresh sprigs of pine, pinecones, or sticks of cinnamon and you’re all set.


2. Consider Using the Comics

Run out of wrapping paper? Or simply forget to buy some? Use the comics from your Sunday paper and add a ribbon. Those receiving your gift will have the added bonus of getting to read their favorite comics before they enjoy what you bought for them.


3. Create Chalkboard Art 

If you want to create a really unique package, choose some black wrapping paper and write on it with chalkboard markers. You can write anything from their name and who the gift is from to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you want, you can also kick things up a notch by adding a drawing of a snowman or your favorite reindeer.


4. Create a Snowman

If you are giving your children, or someone else, three different gifts, create a little snowman out of the packages. Simply wrap each gift in a different sized box using white paper and add a ribbon scarf, colorful buttons, and a top hat. Don’t forget the face or it won’t look like a true Frosty!


5. Ready to Use Decorative Boxes and Gift Bags

Time can be really short around the Christmas season, which is why decorative boxes and gift bags can come in so handy. Simply grab a bunch of these when you are doing the rest of your holiday shopping and you can easily get all your presents wrapped in no time at all! Simply add a bow and a gift tag to keep them all straight and you can check one thing off your list before moving on to the next few items.


Don’t stress when it comes to wrapping your presents this holiday season! Simply choose one of these options and utilize it to create fun and unique wrapping options that are easy to do.

And whether you’re doing it DIY all the way or only partly you can take a look at our cute collection. It includes lots of beautiful gift bags, sacks and wrapping materials. It will make gift wrapping fun and easy!