There is no rule that states that you must celebrate the holidays at home, but there are also no rules that state that you cannot bring part of the holidays with you when you are away from home either! While you may not have any snow on the ground where you are, you can still deck the halls and make some Christmas magic wherever you are.

Here are 5 items you must bring for a snowy Christmas away from home:

1. Stockings

    Santa will find you wherever you are, so make sure you bring your stockings to hang from the mantel or hooks on the wall.

    christmas stocking

    2. Christmas Music

      You don’t need to pack a bunch of CDs in your bag to listen to Christmas music anymore, since you can download music to your smartphone or computer. Add your favorite tunes, as well as a few new ones to fall in love with. I recommend taking a Bluetooth speaker with you as well, so everyone can hear the sounds of Christmas.


      3. A Strand of Lights and a Little Garland

        You might not be able to fit a six-foot tree into your luggage, but you should be able to fit a strand of lights or two, along with a little garland. String the lights up near the ceiling and wind the garland around a railing to create a magical ambiance that will make anywhere you are feel like Christmas.


        4. Snow Globe

          You may not have the snow that you are used to at Christmastime, especially if you are sitting on a sunny sandy beach for the holidays. But you can bring the snow with you in the form of a snow globe. You must carefully pack the snow globe in your regular luggage, due to the liquid inside.

          christmas snow globe

          5. The One Item You Cannot Live Without

            Everyone seems to have that one holiday decoration that they cannot live without, so make sure you pack that in your carry-on bag for your trip. For some people, it may be a special ornament, while others might not be able to celebrate without snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Find what that one item is for you and make sure you take it with you!


            You don’t need to survive Christmas without all the glitz and glamour, as well as fun, because you can take at least some of it with you when you are away from home for the holidays. Choose one of these items above or find the ones that will make your Christmas away from home perfect!


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